Optional vehicle support

Full vehicle support - if and when you need it

Want peace of mind? Planning a trip further afield? We can provide support vehicles too

Worried about tackling the big climbs without support? Don’t be, we’ve got your back. We can follow you in the team van, and carry everything you may need. Just drop back to the vehicle if you need water, spares, food or a change of clothes.

It’s just 80€ per rider for a whole day or 50€ for a half day shared supported ride in the local area. This includes a lift to the start of the climb too if you want. We offer discounts for groups of 6 or more, and are happy to tailor-make an itinerary for one or several days based on the climbs you are keen to tackle. We’re happy to go further afield too if you want to take in Alpe d’Huez, Glandon or Galibier for example. Let us know what you fancy and we’ll work out feasibility and the price.

We know the unexpected can happen too, so if you get stuck when you’re off out by yourself, we won’t leave you stranded. Our broom wagon will come out and rescue you if it’s available (extra charge).